National Funding: Avoid Foolish Financial Decisions

Business financial decisions are more important than ever before.  National Funding encourages decision makers to acquire the expertise required to sustain a healthy cash flow over time.  Radical swings in revenue patterns cause difficulties in meeting ongoing monthly obligations.  Cash reserves should be protected to allow the company to operate free from debt.  Every decision must be weighed against business goals and the ability to support payroll, taxes and business expenses.  Avoid obvious situations that overextend the business cash flow.


Outsourcing some activities can be wise when the company is in a flat growth pattern.  Employees require significant capital investment because the payroll and benefit obligations are ongoing.  Part-time employees can provide assistance during peak seasons.  All full-time employees should carry sufficient responsibilities to fill every work day.


Decision makers are wise to embrace online advertising methods that reach out to customers without charge.  Traditional advertising methods can reach more people, but the return on the investment is significantly lower.  National Funding encourages customers to find the best social medial tools for the specific industry.  Saving money on advertising can improve cash flow and reach out to a target audience full of interested customers.


Capital investments must be tied to revenue-generating activities.  National Funding encourages all clients to evaluate requests for credit against the project needs.  Cash cannot be invested in equipment that will sit idle.  Wise purchases support business growth that increases revenue in the near term.


Tax incentive programs exist for certain activities.  Tax specialists must investigate the available programs to reduce the tax burden and increase cash flow.

National Funding reminds all business owners that money management is a fine art that requires time and attention.  Control over company funds must be retained at all times to protect the lifeblood of the business.

National Funding: Where Leases Meet Business Needs

The decision to buy new equipment follows months of careful consideration because of the costs related to installing, maintaining and operating the equipment.  National Funding works with clients in many different industries to devise helpful lease agreements from reputable leasing companies.  Specialists know where to find the best lease terms for the client.  Each situation is unique, so the lease terms must apply to the client’s situation.  Industries have specific equipment requirements that dictate how the lease must end.  Ownership is the primary decision criteria when writing a lease.  Clients have specific ideas about how to write a lease that will fit the situation.

Business opportunities will arise with rapid response requirements.  National Funding works diligently with leasing companies to acquire equipment in a matter of days.  Projects and contracts can be embraced when the client has access to lease options.  Leasing specialists work hard to ensure that the client will receive the right equipment in a timely manner.  Discussions about actual needs will allow the client to make requests for equipment that will last throughout the project.  Some agreements will result in returning the equipment once the project is finished.  Other lease terms will allow the client to take ownership when the lease ends.

Affordable monthly lease payments allow the business to maintain healthy cash flow, which is necessary for supporting the existing operation.  National Funding works with multiple leasing companies to create healthy competition.  Effective lease terms allow the client to grow while sustaining healthy cash reserves.  Incurring debt is not necessary when the lease is in place.  The equipment required for growth can be acquired in a timely manner.  Small firms have the opportunity to grow when National Funding is one of the business partners.  Ongoing requests for leases will fit into the over business plan.

National Funding: Credit Card Processing Increases Sales

Consumers will spend more money on each sale if the merchant accepts credit cards.  National Funding offers superior agreements for credit card processing contracts.


  • Discount rate = 1.75 percent
  • No application fee
  • No setup fee
  • Approval within 24-48 hours


Great terms are essential for the merchant since the fees associated with credit card processing can work for the client.  Saving money on the processing of a credit card makes sense.  National Funding offers many features that set our program apart from every other credit card processing company.


  • All credit card transactions on one statement – Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover – which saves money on multiple statement fees
  • Next day funding to your account
  • More accurate bookkeeping, which saves time and money
  • No extra costs for separate statements
  • Get pre-qualified for business financing through National Funding


Credit card processing can make the difference in business growth for clients in many different industries.  National Funding encourages all companies to read the existing credit card processing agreement and call us today!  Too many merchants are paying exorbitant fees.  The best possible solution is to evaluate the cost of accepting credit cards without changing providers.


National Funding believes that clients deserve many different funding options.  Accepting various payment instruments allows customers to utilize the most convenient form for each purchase.  Sales volumes will increase when the customers notice the flexibility offered through the merchant.  Credit cards allow the customer to forget how much money is required to complete the transaction.  This small convenience works to the merchants advantage.  Rapid funding of each transaction ensures that the money will be available to replenish the inventory and greet more customers tomorrow.  Additional product lines can be introduced to draw more customers into the store or website.